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SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant: COVID-19

SA’s New R350 Unemployment Grant is set to kick off real soon! Stay up to date with all the latest on the Unemployment Grant and more by bookmarking this page!

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SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant

Expect 2 Billion Rand in Social Grants Each Month for SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant

The South African Government has been performing some incredible feats during the COVID-19 Outbreak. This virus has truly shown us as South Africans, what we are capable of as a country. Yes, the Coronavirus has shown us our weaknesses, but as a result of this, we have also found our strengths.

2 Billion Rand is no easy amount of money for the government to part with every month. Government is, however, promising to make payments of R350 for the next 6-months to those who are unemployed. This will equate to an amount of R2100 over the 6-month period.

First and Foremost, the social grant is to form. FreeNewsClub will confirm release at a later date. Whether you believe you are eligible or not, please do ad this number to your Whatsapp contacts list.

SARS-COV-2: SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant Number

060 012 3456

The above number corresponds to the COVID-19 Whatsapp Robot. It will provide information regarding:

  • News 🆕
  • Cases 🗓
  • Myths 🛑
  • About ℹī¸
  • Prevention 👍
  • Symptoms 🤒
  • Treatment đŸĨ
  • Testing đŸ”Ŧ
  • Conditions 📁
  • Check 💟 – COVID-19 Risk assessment
  • Share this service ➡ī¸

This service is also availble in multiple languages.

How To Use The SARS-COV-2 Service and apply for SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant

Using this incredible whatsapp feature is simple. Just type the name of the category you are interesting in, in the “Type A Message” space on Whatsapp.

Step 1: Answer with the category you are interested in.

unemployment-grant-set-to-r350 steps to use the Whatsapp SASSA fund Grant Application

Step 2: Reply with “NEWS”

The Robot or “Bot” will recognise the command and begin executing the instruction. This process is fully automated and relies only on your connection to the internet.

unemployment-grant-set-to-r350 steps to use the Whatsapp SASSA fund Grant Application

Step 3: Receive your response

A response is provided based on the latest news that is available.

unemployment-grant-set-to-r350 steps to use the Whatsapp SASSA fund Grant Application

As you can see, the Bot responds with the latest news available on the platform. In addition, it will also provide downloadable content that is easy to print and share if necessary.

How To Use The SARS-COV-2 Service for Social Grant.

While we are aware that all of the above services are available and functional. The Grant service has not yet been made available. Remember that it is the intention of Government to make the Grant application process completely digital. As a result, the service is being tested at the moment. A type of Beta which is preparing the users. Please see instructions to follow:

Step 1: Type “SASSA into the message box

unemployment-grant-set-to-r350 steps to use the Whatsapp SASSA fund Grant Application

Step 2: At the moment you will receive this message “The initial response has been very positive and SASSA will inform the public when applications via WhatsApp will resume.”

This means that this applications process is under development. The applications process will open again soon. The important thing is to keep checking on the Whatsapp platform for updates on when the services is open.

All it takes is typing SASSA into the messaging application in order to check on whether or not the applications have opened again.

In Conclusion to SA’s R350 Unemployment Grant

FreeNews.Club is extremely proud of the South African Government for implementing these measures. Digital adoption is so important in modern times, especially with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

From these developments, we look forward to the release of the Grant Program as well as the NEW Delivery Method.

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FreeNews.ClubSA’s R350 Unemployment Grant

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